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Do you want to make a new start in Chemnitz? With Saxowert you will find the right rental property - our offer includes numerous attractive apartments and houses for rent. As a prospective tenant, our brokers offer you a comprehensive service from the first consultation to the handover of the property. We strengthen your position vis-à-vis the landlord and are also there for you in all organizational and legal matters.

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Renting property made easy

Our brokers offer prospective tenants the necessary support on their way to the perfect rental property in Chemnitz. As a first step, our free and non-binding tenant consultation is always worthwhile. Thanks to our professional tips, you are optimally prepared for all further steps. In the case of commercial properties, however, you should allow more time, because here, as a rule, longer-term preparation is necessary.

With us you will already find a large selection of the most diverse rental properties in Chemnitz. If you do not find what you are looking for, we will take over the property search for you. We are very well connected in the Chemnitz area and thus always informed about the latest developments and offers on the rental property market. Whether you are looking for a single-family home, a rental apartment or a commercial property, we will find the right property for you.

Our exposés already provide you with a detailed impression of the various properties. If you are more interested in an offer, we will arrange a viewing appointment with you and the landlord. If you cannot be on site in Chemnitz yourself, there is also the possibility of a representation by our brokers.

The house or apartment has convinced you? Then we should now take care of the paperwork together. But also here you can rely on us. We will contact the landlord for you, advise you on the application documents and finally check the details of the rental agreement. You will not experience any illegal agreements with our help.

After signing the contract, you will have to pay the agreed deposit (usually two to three months' rent for residential properties). We will then arrange an appointment with you and the owner to hand over the property. We are also happy to accompany or represent you at the handover and check whether all contractual agreements have been complied with. If you have any questions or problems, we will of course still be there for you.

Rental properties in Chemnitz

The recent development in Chemnitz has surprised many, even some experts. For a long time after 1990, the city was considered a typical example of the problems of structural change in eastern Germany and had to struggle with migration and vacancies. In the meantime, however, Chemnitz is considered one of the most important business locations in eastern Germany. Unemployment figures fell sharply, economic output grew steadily and even the number of people moving to Chemnitz increased significantly again. Despite this development, the vacancy rate in Chemnitz remains high at around 8%, but tenants in particular can benefit from this - there is hardly any other major German city with such a favorable rent level as Chemnitz. Young people are also increasingly drawn to the old industrial city. Not only the good economic prospects contribute to this, but also the emergence of a young, lively art and culture scene. The city's sensational selection as European Capital of Culture 2025 is likely to further strengthen this development. Despite the very favorable prices for residential property, Chemnitz is still a typical tenant city with a tenant ratio of 84%. Chemnitz also offers good conditions for companies. Particularly for smaller companies and start-ups, commercial property for rent can be worthwhile.

Although average rents in Chemnitz are very reasonable, there are major differences depending on location and amenities. Low living costs and above-average purchasing power for Saxony mean that demand for well-equipped housing continues to rise, while simple apartments in particular are often vacant. Although the average rent in Chemnitz is currently €5.44/m², rents of well over €7/m² are not uncommon in good and central locations, especially for newly built apartments and houses. In line with the lower supply, significantly higher rents must also be paid for apartments over 100 m², averaging 6.50 €/m². Companies also benefit from the favorable conditions in Chemnitz, but rents are also rising continuously in the commercial sector. With a median rent of €10.20/m² for office properties, the city is only 15% below the average for eastern Germany. Particularly in the prime locations of the city center, however, the rise in rents was at least temporarily slowed by the Corona crisis.

Finding the right property to rent in Chemnitz

Regardless of your specific plans, you should consider the entire city area when searching for the right rental property in Chemnitz. It is not uncommon to find the right property where you would least expect it. For example, while rental properties are typical of neighborhoods with apartment blocks or Wilhelminian-style tenement buildings, you may well discover rental properties in neighborhoods with a more rural character. However, the rent for a single-family home is usually higher than for an apartment. The cheapest places to live are in the apartment blocks in the south of the city, but rents in Hilbersdorf and Sonnenberg are also still very reasonable, averaging under €5/m². Sonnenberg in particular has a lot of potential and also offers small businesses, e.g. in the retail or restaurant sectors, a good alternative to the more expensive city center when it comes to commercial property for rent.

Financial possibilities do play a major role when looking for an apartment, but one should not only look at the amount of rent when choosing a suitable rental property. In many cases, it's about a new home that you also want to feel comfortable in. It's best to create a personal checklist of what's important to you in your new property and where you might cut back. For example, seniors particularly appreciate the neighborhoods of Kappel, Helbersdorf and Gablenz with their modernized apartment blocks, a well-developed urban infrastructure and, at the same time, a green and quiet environment. The green neighborhoods of Rabenstein, Reichenbrand and Adelsberg are particularly popular with families, as is Kaßberg with its Wilhelminian-style apartment buildings. Students and young adults live especially close to the university, e.g. in Bernsdorf and in the Lutherviertel, but Sonnenberg also attracts with affordable apartments. You can simply inform us about your wishes and we will find a convincing rental property in Chemnitz for you.

Whether you are looking for a spacious apartment with a balcony on the Kaßberg, a store in the city center or a semi-detached house in Adelsberg, you can rely on our brokers to help you find the right property. Already here on our homepage you can take a look at our diverse selection of rental properties in Chemnitz. In addition, you have the possibility to create a search request with us and to be registered in our customer database. You will always be informed immediately as soon as we have a new suitable rental property on offer.

Frequently asked questions to our real estate agents in Chemnitz

In view of the large supply and low rents, in principle you can do little wrong as a tenant in Chemnitz. Despite the city's great potential, rent increases are not expected to be too great in the coming years either; the vacancy rate is simply still too high for that. But Chemnitz also has a lot to offer as a new center of life: The city is considered an insider's tip when it comes to art and culture and has also attracted international attention with its surprising election as European Capital of Culture 2025. Due to the good economic development, career opportunities in Chemnitz are also great, especially in the technical and scientific fields. Companies also have a locational advantage due to the synergy effects with the Technical University. In addition, Chemnitz is the most important city in western Saxony, so that retailers, for example, can benefit from a wide reach here.

Even though buying real estate is often a topic of public discussion, nowhere in the European Union is the tenant rate as high as in Germany. So, are there good reasons to opt for a rental property? Often, it's simply a question of money: If you don't have enough assets saved up, you can't afford to own a property. But many tenants also appreciate a certain degree of freedom and flexibility. They have little responsibility for the property and are usually not responsible for maintenance. If personal circumstances change, it is possible to move at relatively short notice. Tenants are also well protected by legislation in Germany. Therefore, those who do not have long-term plans usually make a good decision with a rental property. Even as a tradesman a rental property can be worthwhile for you if, for example, longer-term economic forecasts for your business are not yet possible.

In recent years, there have been some changes in the amount and payment of the real estate agent's commission. It is clear that a good real estate agent not only costs money, but also brings you as a prospective tenant decisive advantages. In principle, the amount of the broker's commission can be freely negotiated between the broker and the client and stipulated in the brokerage contract. As a rule, however, no more than two net cold rents are customary for rental apartments. The brokerage principle, which has been in effect since 2015, has been softened somewhat by a new law. Although the broker still must be paid by the landlord if he has officially commissioned him, up to 50 % of the brokerage costs can be passed on to the future tenant.

Admittedly, the market for rental properties in Chemnitz is relatively relaxed. With a market active vacancy rate of about 8%, you are in a favorable position as a prospective tenant. Nevertheless, there are great differences between the various rental properties and you should not take the property search too lightly. Especially for well-equipped properties, the supply in Chemnitz is scarce. In addition, even a supposed bargain can easily turn out to be a cost trap. Here it is an advantage if you can count on expert support. Our brokers will not only find the right property for you but will also strengthen your position vis-à-vis the landlord. With us you are well protected against dubious offers or contract errors. We will also gladly take over the contact with the owner for you, take care of all formal and organizational issues and represent you at viewings and the handover if required. All in all, you can save a lot of time as a prospective tenant in Chemnitz with our help.