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Do you want to make a new start in Berlin? Then we will find the right property for rent for you. Saxowert is your professional partner for real estate and offers you a comprehensive service from the first consultation to the handover. Whether rental apartment, single-family home or commercial property for rent, our offer includes many well-equipped properties in various locations.

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Our service for prospective tenants in Berlin

As a tenant, you can count on us for all your real estate needs in Berlin. We especially recommend our free and non-binding tenant consultation to interested parties. This will help you plan the next steps. In addition, you can benefit from the many practical expert tips of our brokers. We offer a wide range of rental properties with different features and in different locations. If you do not find the right property with us, we will start looking for real estate in Berlin for you right away. Thanks to our good local network, we can quickly find the right rental property, even if it is a commercial property with very specific requirements.

We present various properties to you in detail and with all their advantages and disadvantages. With the help of our detailed exposés you will already gain a good impression. If one of our offers interests you more closely, we will organize a viewing appointment. If you are not yet able to be on site in Berlin, we will gladly represent you if necessary.

The apartment or house inspection has convinced you? Then we prepare the renting. We take care of all formalities, contact with the landlord and check all points of the rental contract. Our brokers reliably protect you from dubious offers and contractual errors.

Once you have signed the contract, you are usually obliged to pay the deposit (usually two or three months' rent for residential properties). We then arrange an appointment with you and the owner to hand over the property. If desired, our brokers will be happy to represent or accompany you during the handover and ensure compliance with all contractual agreements. Even after the real estate transaction has been completed, we are always there for you in case of problems or questions.

Rental real estate in Berlin

Berlin continues to be in demand and attracts people from all over the world. The German capital combines vibrant history, economic bustle, pioneering culture and an amazing amount of nature. It did not take long for the city to regain its former importance after reunification. Today, Berlin is one of the most important centers in Europe and home to many institutions, companies and organizations. The city's appeal remains strong, with the population growing by an average of 40,000 people every year. Berlin is also popular with tourists - with over 34 million overnight stays in 2019, Berlin ranks third in Europe after London and Paris. The economy is also developing very positively, from which the city's residents are also benefiting through growing purchasing power. However, the flip side of Berlin's upswing is a severely strained real estate market with rising rents - new residential construction cannot keep pace with the high demand for housing.

Just 15 years ago, more than 100,000 apartments in Berlin and many commercial properties were vacant, and rents were correspondingly low. The cityscape of Germany's old and new capital was transformed in record time. The strong growth and high demand for real estate also made new investments worthwhile. Less than 1% of all apartments in Berlin are now vacant, and in 2021 the average asking rent for residential space reached €12.80/m²; rents of €20/m² are not uncommon for newly built apartments in good locations. While rents stagnated in 2020 because of the Corona crisis and political attempts at regulation, the failure of the 'rent cap' in the courts led to catch-up effects and a renewed sharp rise. In commercial real estate, the Corona pandemic also made itself felt and dampened the rise in rents, particularly for offices and retail space. In the industrial and logistics sectors, on the other hand, the trend continued unabated and reached new record levels with average rents of €6/m².

Finding the right property to rent in Berlin

In a city as large as Berlin, the selection of rental properties is naturally huge. Rental apartments can be found almost throughout the city, while single-family homes for rent are more likely to be found in the outlying districts. As expected, rents are most expensive in the Mitte district - an average of €20.85/m² is payable here for existing apartments, and often considerably more for offices and retail space. But rents have also risen rapidly in Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain - with an average of €16.80/m² for existing apartments, the two trendy districts have even overtaken Charlottenburg. A real alternative in expensive Berlin is the district of Spandau, with average asking rents of €8.30/m². But even in Reinickendorf and Marzahn-Hellersdorf, you can still find residential space for rent for under €10/m². For larger commercial properties, it is worth looking at the surrounding areas, but anyone looking to rent a single-family home in Berlin should also include the surrounding towns and cities in their search. Here the offer is often larger and the rents are more favorable.

According to experience, the financial possibilities play the biggest role in the search for an apartment, but especially when it comes to a new home, you should not pay attention exclusively to the amount of rent. In the end, it also counts that you feel comfortable and that the new rental property fits your life plans. A first step before looking for a property is to create a personal checklist so that you can better weigh up the various properties. If you like it lively and varied, it is better to look around in such vibrant neighborhoods as Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain, Neukölln, Schöneberg or Wedding. Among older people, Steglitz-Wilmersdorf and Treptow-Köpenick are especially popular, while families particularly appreciate the neighborhoods of Prenzlauer Berg, Gesundbrunnen, Weißensee and Pankow. When it comes to commercial real estate, it is important that the location also pays off for you economically. Thus, even an expensive location in the Mitte or Kreuzberg districts can be worthwhile for you if you can reach more customers that way.

Our brokers will advise you comprehensively and find the right rental property for you based on your personal wishes. Whether you are looking for a rental apartment with a balcony in Lichtenberg, a semi-detached house in Wilmersdorf or a store in Friedrichshain, we are your reliable partner for real estate in Berlin. You are also welcomed to already take a look at our diverse selection of rental properties on our homepage. We will also be happy to enter you in our customer database or create a search request for you. We will inform you immediately when we learn of a new offer.

Questions that are frequently asked of our Berlin brokers

If you take a look at the Berlin market for rental real estate, you can certainly become uncertain in view of the development in rental prices. But there are still many good locations in Berlin with inexpensive rental apartments. Above all, Berlin offers many advantages. Due to the well-developed infrastructure, very good economic prospects and optimal conditions for living, a rental property in Berlin is generally a good decision. In addition, there is a unique cultural scene and internationally renowned educational and research institutions. If you also check the surrounding areas, you often get more space and amenities for less money and can still benefit from the proximity to the capital - numerous infrastructure measures have ensured that the surrounding communities are well connected to Berlin.

While we generally recommend buying real estate property, a rental property can also offer many advantages. No country in the European Union has a higher tenant rate than Germany, and Berlin is also among the leaders in this regard at 84%. Many people opt for a rental property because they want to remain flexible. If you don't know where you'll be living in five years, renting a property is usually a better decision. In addition, you bear little responsibility and do not have to worry about maintenance. As a tenant, you also benefit from a high level of legal protection in Germany. Often, however, the decision in favor of a rental property is simply a financial question: If you have not saved up enough assets, you will usually not be able to obtain a loan, or if you do, then only on very poor terms. For tradesmen, a rental property is particularly worthwhile when no reliable future forecasts are possible.

In the recent past, there have been some changes in the legal guidelines regarding the amount and payment of the real estate agent's commission. Generally, the amount of the commission is freely negotiable between the client and the broker and is stipulated in the brokerage contract. However, in the case of rented apartments, a maximum of two net cold rents is usually the norm. The “brokerage principle”, which was introduced in 2015 in Germany, was recently weakened again somewhat. If the landlord commissions a broker, he can now claim costs amounting to a maximum of 50% of the broker's commission from the new tenant. However, a broker may not be paid twice for the same property. Therefore, as a prospective tenant, you can benefit especially if you decide to use a real estate agent.

Hardly any vacancies, a huge demand and a continuously growing population - the real estate market in Berlin is rightly considered to be tight. It is not uncommon for hundreds of applicants to come to a single apartment viewing. Without contacts or a lot of luck, you as a prospective buyer have hardly any chance of finding an apartment that really meets your expectations. With a good real estate agent, on the other hand, your chances increase significantly. We know what landlords look for and ensure a fair balance between the different interests. With our help, you will not experience mass inspections or faulty rental contracts. We will gladly take over the contact to the owner for you and take care of all formal and organizational tasks. If required, we will also represent you at the viewings or at the handover and ensure that all contractual provisions are complied with. With Saxowert you can save a lot of time and stress in your search for the right rental property in Berlin.