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Property valuation by the professionals in Dresden 100% free and checked by a professional with local knowledge

Haus für die Bewertung Ihres Einzel- oder Doppelhauses

Your (semi-)detached house

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Industrieanlage für die Bewertung Ihrer Gewerbeimmobilie/ Gewerbegrundstück

Your commercial property

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Our property valuation offers you the following advantages

Benefit from our many years of expertise! We have the necessary specialist and market knowledge – and have had for over 15 years. Each property is unique and requires an individual assessment from one of our experts.

  • Free property valuation online
  • Personal appraisal and inspection by our experts on site
  • Simple and non-binding

You will immediately and quickly receive an initial assessment of your property. One of our experienced real estate agents will then get in touch with you and get a personal impression of your property. Take advantage of our first-class online and on-site service today!

5 advantages with us as a broker


We already have a list of several hundred prospective buyers for instant marketing


We will present your property on over 20 leading platforms at no additional cost


Multiple awards as a TOP service provider with over 500 customer reviews


Immobilienscout premium partner in your region for 10 years in a row


We create a 360° tour and modern drone images of your property

The choice is yours: both evaluations are completely free of charge for you

Decide for yourself between our online evaluation and get the first assessment immediately or arrange an appointment with one of our experts on site. Both procedures are completely free of charge and non-binding for you. Online Property Valuation

Online property valuation


1. Data entry

In just a few steps, you can describe your property to us using key data. The more accurate your information is, the more accurately the value can be determined.


2. Professional analysis of the real estate market for your property

Using common evaluation tools, your property will be analyzed according to location and specification with comparable properties from the region.

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3. Receipt of the property valuation by email

You will then receive a simple and convenient preliminary assessment of your property by e-mail. You can download and share this file. To free online assessment.

to the free online evaluation

Expert property valuation

Saxowert: Diskrete Vermarktung

1. Contact

If you would like a personal consultation, you are welcome to discuss how to proceed with one of our brokers. You can reach us via our contact form.


2. Appointment

With their property-specific know-how and in-depth knowledge of the market, one of our experts will evaluate your data and arrange an on-site appointment with you to get an individual picture of your property.


3. Get accurate real estate valuation

Benefit from our many years of experience as a real estate agent and get a precise valuation of your property from your expert. Among other things, he will appraise the condition, location and other features of your property on site. Look forward to your individual sales price! To free expert assessment

to the free expert evaluation

What advantages does the real estate evaluation offer you?

When selling, it is important to determine a realistic asking price for your property. Since owners might have an emotional connection to the property, they often overestimate the value, which leads to an unrealistic price assessment on the market. In return, time pressure when selling a property leads to an undervaluation of the property, which can result in high losses for the seller.

You can solve this problem with a professional and transparent property valuation. Saxowert offers you two options for valuing your property. You can decide for yourself: Online valuation or on-site consultation with one of our experts?

  • Both variants are completely free of charge and non-binding for you
  • Immediate result in an online assessment based on the data you provide
  • Individual appraisal through on-site inspection by our experts

As an experienced real estate agent, Saxowert will help you determine the selling price of your property. The online valuation gives you an initial assessment of the property's value. We also offer you personal and individual consulting. Within this context, we then work with you to determine a realistic sales price for your property - taking into account the increasing value and individual circumstances. With us you not only save time and nerves, but also money. Contact us!

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Haus für die Bewertung Ihres Einzel- oder Doppelhauses

Your (semi-)detached house

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Industrieanlage für die Bewertung Ihrer Gewerbeimmobilie/ Gewerbegrundstück

Your commercial property

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Your local contacts

Christoph Vogelsang

Christoph Vogelsang


Selling your own property is an emotional and profound event. In my job I do everything to make the best possible circumstances for you as my customer. Thanks to our experience and ever-evolving knowledge of the market, we can provide you with comprehensive advice and support.


Willi Weickert

Willi Weickert


We are characterized by target group-oriented marketing and a high affinity for modern marketing methods. At Saxowert, we do far more than a normal real estate agent on all of the sales channels associated with the real estate industry.


Erik Hausmann

Erik Hausmann


Every property is unique. We carry out a free valuation and market your property

discreetly according to your expectations.




Real estate prices in the most attractive major German cities such as Dresden have only known one way in recent years, and that way is up. And that applies particularly to Dresden, the capital of the Free State of Saxony. Do not undersell your property or plot in Dresden. We find the real price for your property in Dresden and in the surrounding area!

Dresden is not only popular with tourists as "Florence on the Elbe". The city is also the center of one of the most dynamically growing regions in Germany in terms of its economy. An important high-tech industry has settled here – people are already talking about “Silicon Saxony”. Many jobs have been created in Dresden, which has ensured a strong influx of financially strong tenants and buyers.

In addition, sights such as the Frauenkirche, the Zwinger, the Semperoper or the museums appeal to visitors, buyers or future residents of Dresden. People consciously choose Dresden as their place of residence with its wide range of cultural activities. And with the Elbe valley, the Ore Mountains and Saxon Switzerland in the surrounding area, the recreational value of the Dresden location also indirectly increases the purchase price. A popular location like Dresden is literally dear to people.

However, the value of a property does not only depend on the city itself. Location, condition, features - these are further criteria for a market value appraisal. But there are still very individual factors and values.

In short: Every property is absolutely unique, to which the proverbial heart is attached. It may also be associated with very individual longings, passions and memories. However, emotional relationships often lead to sellers estimating the value significantly higher than potential buyers. Perhaps the house was the life's work of its builder that he exchanged for an annuity or an apartment suitable for old age. If this is the case, the individual asking price and the price to be achieved on the market are far from one another.

Or the opposite might apply: Owners need to sell quickly and promptly or for financial reasons. Maybe you are moving or family planning demands it. It often happens that the selling price is significantly too low in the end. That is why many hard facts are included in our property valuation for you as the seller.

The location is the most important factor. As Dresden real estate professionals, we know what price can be achieved in the district, in the city quarter or in the surrounding area. In addition to the plot and location, the age and condition of the building play an important role. As experts, we take a close look at your property. After all, as a buyer, you don't want any surprises. Finally, features are also considered: Does the property have a lift, balcony or garden, a basement or a parking space? Are you buying or selling your home furnished, such as a fitted kitchen? All of these criteria are included in our market value appraisals.

Don't just start your real estate appraisal when you have to sell due to time pressure. Take the time for an all-encompassing, professional expert report! Let us personally inspect your property and evaluate it individually. Together we will surely recognize the potential in your property - and how it can be upgraded if necessary. We also know what buyers want. By the way: Both the online evaluation and our comprehensive expert report are free of charge for you as a buyer and seller. Seeking an individual consultation? Contact us today!

Für Sie als Immobilieneigentümer in Dresden ist die Onlinebewertung ein innovatives und effizientes Mittel, um sich im dynamischen Immobilienmarkt zu orientieren. Als erste Anlaufstelle in Kombination mit fachmännischer Beratung bildet sie die optimale Grundlage für informierte Immobilienentscheidungen.

Saxowert ist hier zu Hause. Wir kennen die Stadt Dresden und den hiesigen Markt. Wir wissen, welche Preise realistisch zu erzielen sind und erstellen Ihnen gern ein zuverlässiges Gutachten für Ihre Unterlagen. Saxowert bringt als Unternehmen über 15 Jahre Erfahrung vor Ort mit. Plus die gesammelte Expertise all unserer Makler und Mitarbeiter. Immobilienbewertung Dresden – das ist Saxowert-Sache. Und ein Service für unsere Kunden!

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