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Rent real estate in Dresden

Whether you are looking for residential real estate or commercial properties, Dresden offers tenants a large selection of properties in different locations and with different features. Saxowert is your competent real estate agent from the region and will support you professionally with all the necessary steps if you want to rent a property in Dresden. The best thing to do is simply take a look at our extensive range of rental properties.

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Rental properties in Dresden

Dresden is one of the most livable cities in eastern Germany. This is already clear from the large number of people moving to the city and the extraordinarily high birth rate. But with its excellent infrastructure and green surroundings, Dresden not only offers perfect conditions for families. Young people also get their money's worth here. Several universities, including the TU Dresden, which has been recognized as a university of excellence, attract thousands of new students every year. Especially in the trendy district of Neustadt, in the suburbs of Leipzig and in the districts close to the university, life buzzes and countless bars, pubs, clubs and shops offer a change from everyday learning. While younger people in particular often live in shared flats and in more lively areas, many families and older people appreciate quiet and green locations such as in the south-east of the city. Business owners can also benefit from the upswing in the Saxon state capital. The range of commercial properties for rent is particularly high in the newly designed city center, but the individual districts also offer many opportunities.

As in most German cities, the proportion of rental properties in Dresden is very high. The positive development of the city in recent years has had a major impact on the rental property market. With increasing competition and demand, rents also climbed significantly. While the Corona crisis has put a damper on this development, at least in commercial real estate, rents for apartments and houses continue to rise. With an average net rent excluding heating, lighting and other service costs of €6.67/m², however, Dresden is still one of the cheaper large cities in Germany; however, the average for the apartments on offer is between 7 and 8 €/m². In addition, rent increases are limited to 15% within three years until June 2025.

Optimal support for tenants

We offer prospective tenants extensive support and support you competently until the conclusion of the lease. First of all, we recommend our non-binding and free tenant advice, so that you get an initial overview of the current situation in Dresden and your options as a tenant. In the case of commercial real estate in particular, you should contact us in good time, as more preparation and planning is required.

After we have familiarized ourselves with your plans and wishes, we start looking for a property. Our brokers are very well networked with many professional partners in the Dresden region and are therefore always informed about the latest offers on the real estate market at a particularly early stage. Whether it's a rental apartment, shared apartment, commercial property or single-family home - we will find the right rental property for you in Dresden in no time at all.

Our detailed exposés will give you a first impression of the various properties. If one or more rental properties in our selection have grabbed your interest, we will arrange an appointment with you and the landlord to view the property. If you cannot be there yourself, we will be happy to represent you.

Does the apartment suit you? Now is the time to take care of the paperwork at the latest. You can also rely on us here. We will contact the landlord for you and check the lease for you. With us you are well protected against questionable agreements or illegal clauses.

After signing the lease, we will organize an appointment for you to hand over the rental property. We would also be happy to accompany or represent you during the handover and ensure that all contractual provisions have been complied with. Before the handover, a deposit of three months' rent has to be paid to the landlord.

Find the right property to rent

There are rental properties in almost every location, even if the tenant rate in neighborhoods with apartment buildings and mixed development is significantly higher than in single-family housing estates. Despite the high demand, Dresden still has a very extensive range of rental apartments in particular. Numerous new, modern multi-family houses have been built in recent years, especially in the middle and upper segment. Good and cheap apartments can be found mainly in the west and south-east of the city, but with single-family houses the differences (and also the selection) are narrower.

In addition to the amount of the rent, personal plans and wishes are particularly important when looking for a suitable rental property. For example, if you are a student and want to share a flat with friends, you should look around in areas close to the university, such as Löbtau or Südvorstadt, or in lively Neustadt. For families, Striesen, Blasewitz or the Radeberger Vorstadt with detached apartment buildings and often large gardens offer very good conditions. When looking for an apartment, you should also consider the distance to your job, important facilities such as school, kindergarten, etc. and local public transport. Our real estate agents are well informed about the different locations in Dresden and know the local characteristics and the latest developments.

When looking for a house, commercial property or an apartment to rent in Dresden, you can rely on us for all aspects. You only have to familiarize us with your personal wishes and we will find the right property for you, whether it is a maisonette apartment in Striesen, an office floor in the old town or a detached house in Cossebaude. It is also always worth taking a look at our diverse selection of rental properties in Dresden. If there is nothing that appeals to you, we will start the search immediately. We would also be happy to enter you in our customer database or create a search request for you. As soon as we find out about a new offer, we will inform you immediately.

Frequently asked questions about renting a property in Dresden

Dresden offers an extraordinary mix of culture, leisure opportunities, education and high-tech against the backdrop of the impressive baroque old town. Many who decide to study or train in the Saxon state capital because of the good infrastructure stay here for work and family. Its status as Germany's "birth capital" also testifies to the particularly family-friendly conditions. The surrounding area of Dresden also attracts with a charming landscape, including the famous Saxon Switzerland and the vineyards in the Elbe Valley. If you like it quieter but don't want to do without city infrastructure, you will find many suitable rental properties on the outskirts or in the surrounding area of Dresden. Numerous companies are also benefiting from Dresden's upswing. The diverse shopping opportunities are not only appreciated by the residents of the region, but also by visitors from Poland and the Czech Republic. It is therefore worth renting a commercial property in Dresden.

Germany is a country of tenants; renting real estate has a long tradition here. The biggest advantage is high flexibility. As a tenant, you have little responsibility and can change your place of residence at any time if necessary. You don't have to worry about the maintenance of the property and you don't have to take on debt for a loan. On the other hand, you are especially exposed to market developments. When demand is high, the search for a new rental apartment can quickly become a gauntlet run. In popular cities, rents often rise sharply as a result. A rental property is particularly useful for business people if no long-term forecasts can be made about the profitability of the location. While a loan has to be paid off over many years when buying a property, a lease can usually be terminated at any time for economic reasons.

Since 2015, the orderer principle has applied to the brokerage of rental properties. This means that if you hire a real estate agent, you also have to pay him. It is illegal for landlords to attempt to covertly pass on the commission to the new tenant (e.g. via transfer costs), but it still happens again and again, especially in cities with very high demand for rental apartments. Of course, the reverse also applies: If a prospective tenant decides in favor of a real estate agent, he must also bear the agent's costs, which can usually be freely negotiated (usually no more than two net rents exclusive of heating, lighting and other services). For these costs, however, the tenant receives extensive support in finding the right rental property in Dresden.

Even if the situation in Dresden is not comparable to large cities such as Munich, Berlin or Hamburg, competition in the rental housing market has increased significantly here. If you do not have professional support and do not have good connections, you need a lot of luck and patience to find an apartment that meets your expectations. In the case of commercial real estate, the search for a suitable property is usually much more tedious, as the requirements for the property are often very specific. We therefore recommend an experienced real estate agent who is well informed about the various locations and can also competently assess the local economic conditions. If you want to rent a property in Dresden, we not only support you in finding a property, but also in all formal and organizational matters. We take care of the contact with the owner for you, examine the lease with a critical eye and represent you if necessary for inspections and handover. Saxowert can therefore significantly speed up your property search in Dresden.