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You want to start a new chapter in your life in Leipzig? With Saxowert you will find the right rental property for your plans. We support tenants in their property search and take care of all formal and organizational matters until the lease is signed and the property is handed over. Whatever you are looking for, we will show you the most beautiful properties for rent in Leipzig.

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With Saxowert step by step to the perfect rental property

If you want to rent a property in Leipzig, you will receive a comprehensive service from us right up to the signing of the rental contract. Prospective tenants can thus first benefit from our free and non-binding tenant consultation. We have many professional tips for you and prepare the further procedure with you. When it comes to a commercial property, we also recommend that you contact us in good time, as this usually requires particularly extensive planning.

We offer you a diverse selection of rental properties in Leipzig. If there is no suitable property for you among them, our brokers will start looking for real estate immediately. Thanks to our close network in the region, we are always informed about the latest offers. Saxowert will find the right rental property for you, no matter whether it is a rental apartment, a commercial property, or a single-family house.

Already since our detailed exposés you can get a good impression of the respective property. If an offer convinces you, we will organize an appointment to view the property. If it is not possible for you to come to Leipzig, our brokers will gladly represent you.

You would like to have the apartment? Then, at the latest, the necessary formalities still need to be clarified. But don't worry, we are there for you here as well. We take care of the contact with the landlord and the application documents and also thoroughly check the rental contract. With us you are always legally on the safe side.

Once the contract is signed, we arrange an appointment with you and the owner to hand over the apartment or the property. Here, too, we can accompany or represent you if necessary and ensure compliance with all contractually agreed provisions. Please remember to pay the stipulated deposit before the handover.

Rental properties in Leipzig

Within 20 years, the trade fair city has been completely transformed. While Leipzig was threatened by vacancy and decay after reunification, the city is now one of the liveliest metropolises in Germany and attracts people from all over the world. In the last ten years alone, Leipzig's population has increased by more than 20% and is expected to grow by another 100,000 residents by 2030. Construction is taking place everywhere, most of the city's neighborhoods present themselves in a completely new light after extensive redevelopment, and the economy is booming. With an average age of 42.3 years, the city is exceptionally young. This is due not only to the first-class education and research landscape with many renowned colleges and universities, but also to the diverse cultural scene. The proportion of renters is particularly high among younger people, and Leipzig is still considered a typical city for renters, although demand for condominiums has increased sharply in recent years. For companies and the self-employed, renting a commercial property, for example in the city center or the lively old quarters near the city center, can also be worthwhile.

As is usual for German cities, the market for rental properties in Leipzig is also very large. The city's rapid development is reflected in rents, which have risen strongly in the recent past - by around 20% in the last four years alone. At €7.33/m², however, the average cold rent for existing properties is still far below comparable western German cities, and in some locations, there is still a chance of finding top properties at low rents. Newly built apartments and real estate, on the other hand, generally require much deeper pockets: the average cold rent here is 10.98 €/m²; in popular neighborhoods such as Connewitz, you even must reckon with more than 12 €/m². Due to the currently very high real estate prices, many investors tried to serve primarily the higher price segment for rental apartments. However, since the suitable clientele in Leipzig is rather limited in terms of numbers, prime rents actually declined slightly again, contrary to the general trend. Prospective tenants can also benefit from the rent brake planned in Saxony. Falling rents were also observed for commercial properties in prime locations. This was mainly because of the Corona pandemic, which has greatly accelerated the general structural change in city centers.

Finding the right rental property in Leipzig

No matter where and what they are looking for, rental properties can be found in almost all locations. True, in neighborhoods with apartment buildings and mixed development, the tenant rate is significantly higher than in a typical single-family housing development. However, there are also many houses in Leipzig that are offered for rent, although the rental prices for single-family houses are usually much higher than for an apartment. Leipzig is characterized overall by a very mixed population structure, which is also reflected in the development of many neighborhoods. There are often only a few meters between modern, well-equipped city mansions and a lively trendy neighborhood. As a result, the differences in rents in a small area can also be quite large in some cases. Apart from the prefabricated concrete slab areas in the west of the city, you can still find apartments with reasonable rents, especially in the east and northeast of Leipzig.

But not only the rent level should be considered when looking for an apartment in Leipzig, personal wishes and future plans also play a role. Families will find good conditions especially in the south of the city with its loose development, green areas and child-friendly infrastructure. Those who enjoy lively nightlife districts should look especially at Lindenau, Plagwitz and Connewitz, but much has also happened in the southeast of the city in recent years. In any case, most of the city's neighborhoods offer space for a wide variety of needs. Even colleges and universities are spread across numerous smaller locations, so there are no typical "student neighborhoods" in Leipzig. Just let us know your plans and we will show you the most suitable locations in Leipzig.

You can conveniently leave the search for the right rental property in Leipzig to us. Whether it's an office in the city center, a duplex apartment with a balcony in Plagwitz or a single-family home on the outskirts of the city, we'll find a new home for you to feel at home in no time. Of course, you can also take a look at our large selection of rental properties in Leipzig yourself or register in our customer database. If you place a search request with us, we will inform you immediately when we learn of a new offer.

Questions we are often asked

The largest city in Saxony is characterized by its diverse cityscape, a lively arts and culture scene, an internationally renowned education and research landscape and, finally, its burgeoning economy. This combination makes Leipzig particularly attractive to young people, who benefit from educational opportunities, career prospects and a wide range of leisure activities. Leipzig is also a very international city that is globally networked and also attracts many people from other countries. Anyone looking for exchange and new impressions is in exactly the right place in Leipzig. This also applies to companies active in the fields of commerce, culture and science. The moderate rents are an additional plus for prospective tenants.

Germany is one of the European countries with the lowest ownership rate for real estate; only in Switzerland do proportionately more people live for rent. Germany is therefore a country of tenants and renting a property can also have many advantages. The great flexibility certainly plays a decisive role here. As a tenant, you are only responsible for the property to a limited extent and do not have to worry about maintenance measures. If necessary, you can change your place of residence at relatively short notice. In addition, you do not have to take out a loan that might burden you. However, as a tenant, you are of course also subject to fluctuations in the market. Moreover, if the supply is scarce and the demand is high, the search for an apartment quickly becomes unpleasant. In general, we recommend renting an apartment to prospective tenants who do not have long-term plans. Business owners should also be more likely to choose a rental property if no long-term projections can be made about the viability of the particular location.

Since 2015, the German “bestseller principle” has been enshrined in law for real estate transactions with real estate agents. So, if you hire a real estate agent, you usually have to pay him. In practice, however, it is more common for landlords to try to pass on the broker's commission to the tenant by means of hidden costs (e.g. removal of furnishings). Although this approach is illegal, especially in cities with a tight rental housing market, prospective tenants often have little chance of preventing such an approach. With a good real estate agent, on the other hand, you can improve your position as a tenant. However, the reverse is of course true here: if you decide to use a real estate agent, you will bear the brokerage costs yourself, but these usually do not exceed two net cold rents. In return, a competent real estate agent offers you a comprehensive service from the apartment search to the handover.

Competition on the Leipzig housing market has increased considerably in recent years and the high influx of new residents continues. Unless you have special connections, you will need a lot of luck to find an apartment here that you really feel comfortable in. With an experienced real estate agent at your side, on the other hand, your chances of finding the right apartment increase significantly. With us, you will not experience mass viewings or dubious offers. In the case of commercial real estate, the right professional expertise is even more important, because here the rental property often must meet special requirements. In addition, we also check the profitability of the respective location for you. If you want to rent a property in Leipzig, you can rely on our support, not only in finding the right property, but also in all organizational and legal matters.