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Buying real estate in Leipzig

The real estate market in Leipzig is one of the most dynamic in all of Germany and continues to offer great potential for the future. But also, as a center of life, the trade fair city offers exceptional conditions and attracts people from all over the world every year. Saxowert is your experienced partner for buying real estate in Leipzig. We will find the right property for you and offer you the right support every step of the way, from the initial consultation to the purchase contract.

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The Leipzig real estate market

There is hardly any other German city that has experienced such a rapid upswing in the last 10-15 years as Leipzig. The population grew by more than 25% in a short period of time and the previously high vacancy rate was quickly replaced by an increasing shortage of living space. The largest city in Saxony thus also succeeded in regaining its former importance. With one of the oldest universities in Germany, Leipzig is still an important center for education and science. Above all, however, the lively cultural scene that has developed over the last two decades has attracted many young people and become a decisive factor in Leipzig's positive development. As a centrally located city with good transport links, Leipzig is also an important business location, not least for trade and logistics. Leipzig/Halle Airport has been continuously expanded and is now one of the most important in Germany. With numerous green riparian forests and the water landscape of the Neuseenland, the city on the Pleiße and Weißer Elster also offers a high quality of life.

The growing demand for real estate has caused prices for land and houses in Leipzig to rise sharply. After years of being considered one of the most lucrative investment locations in Germany, the purchase of residential property has recently increased significantly. This is also due to falling yield expectations because of high real estate prices. In the east and north of the city, on the other hand, the potential for investment is still high. For example, a new neighborhood with 2,000 residential units is currently being built on the site of the former Eutritzscher Freiladebahnhof. The strongest price development continues to be for owner-occupied homes. As in other major cities, the stock and building land are limited here, while demand continues to grow. Significant price increases are also expected soon. More and more families are therefore moving to the surrounding areas of Leipzig. Cities such as Markkleeberg, Markranstädt, Taucha and Schkeuditz are also benefiting from Leipzig's upswing. It is therefore worthwhile to also consider the surroundings of the trade fair city.

With Saxowert to a successful real estate purchase

The purchase of a property should be well prepared. Therefore, we are at your disposal at any time to give you free and non-binding advice on all aspects of buying real estate. Based on your personal situation and your wishes, we will show you your options as a buyer and thus lay the foundation for a successful real estate transaction.

As soon as you have made concrete plans with our help, we will start looking for real estate in Leipzig for you. After a short time, you will receive suitable offers from us, which are tailored to your ideas. As real estate agents from Saxony, we are closely networked with regional partners and learn about new offers particularly early.

We provide you with extensive information in advance so that you can make an initial selection. If one of our detailed exposés has convinced you, we will organize a property inspection for you so that you can form your own immediate impression. Under certain circumstances, especially in the case of large properties, it may be worthwhile to call in an external expert.

The inspection has convinced you? Before you sign the purchase contract, we will advise you in detail and support you in any renegotiations. As a real estate agent, our profession is to strike a balance between the interests of the buyer and the seller. In the end, however, the most decisive factor is the appropriate financing strategy. Thanks to our close cooperation with partners at insurance companies and banks, you can rely on us completely here as well.

If everything has gone according to plan so far, nothing stands in the way of completing your real estate purchase. Our brokers will take care of all organizational and legal issues, the purchase contract and also the notarial protection. Even after the successful closing, we will always be there for you if you have any questions or problems.

The right property for you in Leipzig

Despite initial saturation effects, the supply on Leipzig's real estate market remains very large, but there are sometimes considerable price differences between the individual districts. Property prices are particularly high in the south of Leipzig, in parts of Gohlis and, of course, in the city center. In addition to the Gohlis villa district, the Bachviertel, Musikviertel and Waldstraßenviertel districts are among the best residential locations in the city. Around the city center, final densification measures are currently taking place, and many brownfields have also disappeared in the trendy neighborhoods of Plagwitz and Lindenau. Recently, the east of Leipzig with the districts of Anger-Crottendorf and Volkmarsdorf has also gained in importance for new construction and redevelopment projects. For larger commercial properties, the north of Leipzig plays a particularly important role, not least because of its good transport links.

The decision for the right property depends on many different factors. Not only personal wishes, but also possible changes in living situations must be considered. Finally, it also depends on the financial possibilities when buying real estate. Inexpensive housing is most likely to be found in the west and in some districts in the east of Leipzig, but overall, most of Leipzig's districts are characterized by a high degree of mixing and a diverse range of properties. As expected, the supply of single-family homes and building plots for owner-occupied homes is greatest on the outskirts of the city, especially in the eastern districts of Engelsdorf, Zweinaundorf and Mölkau. The sharp rise in property prices on the market for single-family homes in Leipzig is also creating growing demand for houses and plots in the surrounding areas. For office and commercial properties, the city center still plays the most important role, but not least the Corona pandemic has further strengthened the trend toward the periphery.

Whatever you are looking for, Saxowert will find the right property in Leipzig for you. Whether it's a modern city villa in Schleußig, a condominium in Lindenau or a renovated apartment building in Reudnitz, you can always rely on our expertise. We are also your competent partner for commercial properties, offices and stores. If you are interested in real estate in Leipzig, you can also take a first look at our diverse offer right here on our homepage. You also have the option of registering in our customer database or setting up a search request. This way you will always be informed about the latest offers on the market based on your personal criteria.

Frequently asked questions about buying real estate in Leipzig

The great Leipzig real estate boom, as it characterized the years 2010 to 2015 in particular, is now over, but Leipzig is still one of the most sought-after major German cities. The quality of life is high and residents benefit from a wide range of cultural and leisure activities, comparatively low living costs and optimal transport links. A further increase in the population of around 100,000 is expected over the next ten years, which is why the city continues to offer favorable conditions for investment despite a sharp rise in real estate prices. Companies benefit not only from the convenient location, but also from a diverse educational and research landscape. The Leipzig Trade Fair is also one of the largest of its kind in Germany. This is where future trends are regularly set and new contacts are made.

The decision to own real estate must always be made based on personal circumstances and financial possibilities, but also individual plans for the future. Because, of course, owning a property also means responsibility and less flexibility. Those who are still studying or in training, or who regularly must change their place of residence for professional reasons, would be better off opting for a rental property. In addition, the purchase of a property always requires a certain amount of basic capital. Those who cannot raise enough money on their own may not be able to obtain a loan - or only on very unfavorable terms.

However, those who have longer-term plans and are financially able to do so almost always make the right choice with their own property. Home ownership can be an ideal investment, also with a view to old age or one's own children. If you use the property yourself, the increase in value achieved is always tax-free. As soon as the loan is repaid, you live virtually rent-free, with only the ancillary and maintenance costs remaining. If you are interested in buying your own property in Leipzig, you can also benefit from various government support programs. Our brokers will be happy to inform you about your options.

If you want to buy a property in Leipzig, you also must consider the ancillary purchase costs in addition to the actual purchase price when calculating the purchase price. The purchase of a property is usually subject to land transfer tax, which is currently 3.5% in Saxony and thus lower than in most other German states. Further costs are incurred for the land register entry of your property as well as the notarial certification of the real estate transaction.

Finally, there are usually costs for the real estate agent, which are limited by law to 7.14 % of the purchase price for most properties. In the case of single-family houses and condominiums, since 2020 the broker's commission must be borne equally by the buyer and the seller, i.e. it amounts to 3.57 % of the purchase price in each case. However, this rule does not apply to undeveloped land, apartment buildings and commercial properties.

We generally recommend professional support for real estate transactions, because a lot of money is usually at stake and even small mistakes can lead to big losses. Those who want to implement their planned real estate transaction completely on their own are often insufficiently or not at all legally protected. In addition, there is a lot of competition on the Leipzig real estate market. We are well connected locally and will quickly present you with an offer that really meets your expectations. Finally, we accompany you through all further steps and measures and ensure a speedy and successful conclusion of your real estate purchase in Leipzig. This also includes support in legal matters, all organizational matters and, of course, the financing of your plans.